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Take-Two claimed the trademark rights to It Takes Two, forcing Hazelight to reject it

The well-known publishing group Take-Two Interactive, which has among its ranks companies such as Rockstar Games or 2K Games, He claimed Hazelight to use the trademark of his latest video game shortly after It Takes Two went on the market last March. Eurogamer This legal battle has now been echoed, the immediate result of which is that Josef Fares’ study had to give up ownership of the name of the game, registering a brand abandonment letter at the United States Patent Office.

According to a studio spokesperson, from Hazelight They hope that with this movement it has been resolved the legal litigation that Take-Two Interactive intended to continue in the event that no action was taken given the similarity of the two names. However, that same person clarifies that “they cannot issue declarations of disputes in process”, so this case may not have come to an end.

Affect this problem to the sale of It Takes Two?

At the moment Hazelight runs out of the brand ‘It Takes Two’ and we don’t know if there will be more consequences, such as a possible change in the name of the game, or if it will affect in any way the commercialization of this title that Recently over three million copies sold worldwide since its launch and has been nominated for many awards such as The Game Awards 2021.

This is not the first time that Take-Two Interactive has taken similar measures with companies or brands whose name resembles to some extent that of their intellectual properties: as recalled by Eurogamer, the company has sent similar complaints to businesses such as the Starrocks or Max Fayne brands, the Think Like A Rockstar ticket store or Rockstar Ax Throwing , an ax-throwing venue. In the industry there are more similar cases involving companies such as Bethesda, which I requested from videogames like Scrolls O Praey for the Gods that they change their title so as not to infringe the intellectual property of their sagas The Elder Scrolls O Prey.

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For the moment It Takes Two continues to be sold on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you want to know why it is being so successful you can read our analysis here.

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