Tuesday, August 16

Syberia: The World Before delays its launch to a week after its premiere: It will arrive in 2022

There was a week left for the release of Syberia: The World Before on PC, scheduled for Friday, December 10, but those responsible for its development have decided to postpone the premiere until an undetermined date. The only thing we know at the moment is that they plan to publish it on computers during the first quarter of 2022, although they assure that they will give a more exact window soon.

In a statement published in the official account of the game on Twitter its creators have explained that they need more time to polish this installment of the Syberia saga before it reaches the hands of the fans: “We are committed to publishing the best game possible offering an immersive adventure that will transport you with total fidelity to the universe created by Benoit Sokal“, they say remembering the author who died this year.

More details on the new release date will be coming soon.

“Right now it seems necessary to give us a little more time to finish the development in the best conditions,” they explain. The announcement of this delay is surprising because of the closeness to its planned launch date, a goal that was announced in August of this year. From Microids they have not wanted to go into more details about the reasons for its postponement, but they have promised news soon: “Without any doubt Syberia: The World Before be one of the biggest episodes of the saga Syberia. We will make sure to offer you regular updates.“.

Syberia: The World Before is a graphic adventure full of puzzles where two parallel and connected stories are told despite taking place in different moments of time and space. They promise a “rich and fascinating story” in the universe to which the series has us accustomed, with situations in which we will choose dialogue options to mark the development of the scene. Kate Walker, regular protagonist of the saga, and Dana Roze, a 17-year-old girl very similar to Walker, are the main character. The first begins her story in Taiga in 2004: after escaping from a salt mine in which she was imprisoned, she embarks on an adventure in search of her identity. For its part, Roze’s story begins in Vaghen in 1937, having to survive the fascist threat of the Brown Shadow.


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