Tuesday, September 27

Steam Deck: Valve shows the box and the packaging with which it will arrive at our homes

Valve continues to take steps forward with Steam Deck, its long-awaited pocket PC to play or portable console (depending on who you ask) that after a small delay will arrive at our homes during the month of February of the increasingly closer 2022.

Today the company that Gabe Newell runs has published new information about his computer on the official Steam blog, including a packing picture series in which your product will arrive at our houses as well as the latest Steam Deck model or the transport case of the 64 GB and 256 GB models (the 512 GB one will have a special case that they have not yet wanted to show).

As you can see in the pictures that accompany this news, the box itself has some other guides to games like Portal and inside we find both the different instruction manuals and the power supply that is optimal for our region, the cover and, inside, the model that we have in charge of the Steam Deck.

Interior caja Steam Deck

In addition, Valve also ensures that have already completed the “Design Validation (DV) Testing for Steam Deck, and we will use the units produced for further testing and as development kits. The DV is the last prototype before final production, and includes improvements over the EV2 version. There will also be other minor changes in the final product “, in addition to pointing out that they will soon start shipping the console and its development kits to video game creators.

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Bolsa Steam Deck

Certification for games, texture packs …

As we say Steam Deck arrive in february to our homes and on this pocket computer we will be able to run the vast majority of the games available on Steam. So we can know which are compatible with Valve has started a certification system with four categories that will be updated depending on whether a game is compatible, playable or if it cannot be run on the console.

Another interesting feature at the level of software is that developers can load specific texture packs for when we download a game from Steam Deck, adapting the textures to the resolution of the computer to reduce its weight and allow more games to enter it.

What do you think of the Steam Deck packaging?


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