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Steam Deck packaging invites you to use your laptop in the bathroom | Levelup

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Steam Deck has gamers excited for its Nintendo Switch-like gaming proposition. Valve’s device will arrive in a few months, specifically early 2022. The wait is getting shorter and shorter, so the studio decided to give us a closer look at its hardware.

On this occasion, images were released to show us the official packaging of the notebook PC, the specially designed sleeve that it will include and, of course, the system as such. The final presentation of the team did not leave the players indifferent, because despite its simplicity it is striking.

A detail of its packaging attracted attention, as it includes phrases in various languages ​​that talk about the versatility of the system and the possibility of using it anywhere. The funny thing is that Valve invites players to use it even in the bathroom.

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This is how the Steam Deck will look when it arrives in your hands

Valve chose a simple and understated packaging for the Steam Deck, probably to keep system costs as low as possible. The company confirmed that gamers will receive their notebook PC in a simple cardboard box.

Inside you will find a manual, a power supply and the system itself, which will be protected in its official case, more than enough accessory to protect the hardware from any possible impact.

Although the Steam Deck can be used on a screen just like a conventional computer, its main attraction is being able to enjoy a huge variety of games on the go. Its packaging reflects this, as it invites users to use the system in all kinds of places.

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Valve claims it’s possible to have fun with their system while you wait – in the kitchen, on the patio, on a couch, in a car, even in the bathroom, on a submarine, and even on the Moon. So promote your notebook PC as an all-rounder that you can take anywhere.

The company confirmed that it has completed several major tests related to development kits and is working on certain changes for the product for now. However, he made it clear that this is what his final packaging will look like:

This is what the Steam Deck and its packaging look like

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