Wednesday, August 17

Seregno players receive death threats and even a boxer to intimidate them

El Seregno, a group that militates in the Series C, has been involved in a vortex of controversy after the sale of the club by Davide Erba. The former president has been the one who has denounced the various death threats, the beatings and even the presence of a boxer to intimidate the players and technical staff in the matches.

The Italian team promoted to category last season And, a few weeks ago, Erba decided to sell the club and since then everything has gotten worse. “It all started when I announced my intention to sell the equipment. death threats to the goalkeeper, the vice president, two players were beaten by two others and a boxer has been sent to the field to threaten, there are trials and proceed shortly, “Erba himself has declared.

The Journal also reports that the former president of Seregno points directly to Ninni Corda, which was suspended. “Now I understand why there has been 250,000 fewer members in football in the past year, It has become an environment from which to get away and I am fed up, “Erba lamented. Words that did not sit well with Corda, who has not hesitated to answer Erba and ensure that he has never threatened “anyone” and that, of course, denounce Erba.

Lega Pro intervenes

The events have not gone unnoticed in Italy and Francesco Ghirelli has decided to intervene, waiting for the Lega Pro to confirm the threats and everything that surrounds the Seregno: “Follow the investigations and, consequently, always act in full compliance with the norms. Violence and threats are acts that must always and in any case be condemned.”

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