Friday, December 2

Sea of ​​Thieves allows in its new season to bury treasures for other players to find

Sea of Thieves introduces a most interesting new mechanic in Season 5: players will be able to gain some prestige creating treasure maps and burying chests for other players to discover. As detailed from VGC, this new system comes standard with Season 5, which is free for all players, and be available starting today. This new addition will also allow us to create search missions for the treasures we bury; Inside the chests you can add a great variety of different objects.

Bury chests to increase your prestige as a pirate

The system works in such a way that after burying a treasure chest, players can create a treasure map and customize instructions to find it. Users can keep the map or post it on a new quest board that allows other players in the community to access it and go on endless adventures to get the chest. If a player manages to find the treasure that we have buried, we received additional recognition. In addition to this curious addition, Season 5 allows us to get fireworks and signal flares and includes new animations for sitting and sleeping and the ability to whisper through the speaking trumpet.

Rare’s pirate adventure video game premieres its Seasons system earlier this year, which has been adding content for free such as Forts of Fortune to keep players interested. Everything indicates that the tactic has worked for them as a fable, and that is Sea of Thieves reached 25 million players just two months ago and the special event Pirate’s Life, inspired by the universe of Pirates of the Caribbean, got more than 4.8 million players to lift anchor and live new adventures with Jack Sparrow.

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