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Scarlet Witch’s first crush is still haunted by her decades later

Toad fell in love with Wanda the moment he joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and his reaction to her death confirms that he still loves her.

WARNING: Spoilers for Trial of Magneto # 1 ahead!

The long time X Men the villain Mortimer Toynbee, better known as just, first fell in love with the Scarlet Witch when they worked together in Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Toad’s romantic obsession with Wanda Maximoff was never reciprocated, and after his romantic relationship with the mutant Husk, it seemed that he had finally gotten over his infatuation with the Scarlet Witch. However, Toad’s intense emotional reaction to Wanda’s death in Magneto’s Trial # 1 shows that Toynbee has never gotten over his love for the powerful sorceress.

Toad was first introduced in X-Men # 4 (1964) with the rest of Magneto’s Brotherhood, and was often used as a punching bag for the Master of Magnetism due to his irritatingly pleading demeanor, hideous body odor, and Quasimodo-esque appearance. Mortimer’s love for Wanda began almost immediately, with him expressing a devotion to her that bordered on the obsessive, and it quickly turned creepy and controlling. Toad ended up being the main villain of the iconic ’80s series. Vision and the Scarlet Witch. In that arch, Toad repeatedly tried to capture and kidnap Wanda, even though she was married to the Vision, always failing in his attempts to make her love him by force.

On Magneto’s Trial # 1 – Illustrated by Lucas Werneck and Edgar Delgado with writing by Leah Williams: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is having a dreary, drunken gathering at Krakoa’s Green Lagoon bar after Wanda’s murder is revealed. The group includes Mastermind, Quicksilver, Blob, and Toad. While Pietro, the brother of the Scarlet Witch, is reacting with corresponding sadness and griefIt is Toad’s emotional outburst that stands out in the scene. Mortimer exclaims: “That’s not fair!” when he spoke of Wanda’s death, before breaking a glass and leaving in a rage, visibly distraught and sobbing. All of Wanda’s former teammates are emotional after her death, but it’s clear from Toad’s reaction that his intense feelings of love and affection for Maximoff have never diminished.

One of the most egregious examples of Toad’s dangerous obsession with Wanda came Vision and the Scarlet Witch # 6 (1985) when Toad, with the nickname Terrible Toad-King, attacked a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Wanda and Vision. With him was a gang of robotic duplicates of his reformed Brotherhood teammates, but they were eventually stopped by Vision, Pietro, and Magneto. Much later, after Mortimer reformed and joined the X-Men as a janitor at the Jean Gray School for Higher Studies, he left an impression on the mutant Husk and they struck up a relationship. During this time, Toad rarely, if ever, spoke of the Scarlet Witch, and it seemed that his obsession with her had lessened. Clearly though, Mortimer had simply pushed those feelings deep, with his emotional outburst at the Green Lagoon showing that those feelings never really left him.

Mortimer has come a long way as a former enemy of the X-Men, transforming into a new body, obtaining a secondary mutation, and finally finding redemption as a citizen of Krakoa. Nevertheless, Magneto’s Trial # 1 makes it clear that while Toad may be far more mature and stable than he was when he was in the Brotherhood, his sickly crush on Wanda has never left him. Now that the Scarlet Witch has been revived through the Krakoa Resurrection Protocols, who knows what the future holds for just and his connection to his former teammate.

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