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RUMOR: Mega Man movie will be exclusive with Netflix | Levelup

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Mega Man It’s a beloved franchise and the sheer passion of its fans has been enough to keep it going for decades. Of course, there are not as many launches as before, but Capcom has been fine and good for years and this has not only allowed for plans for the future of IP, it has also led to its inclusion within the diversification strategy and the first The product will be a live-action movie that could be exclusive to Netflix.

Netflix could be the home of the new movie Mega Man

According to information from the independent expert on issues related to Mega Man Brian (@Protodude on Twitter) the live-action movie inspired by the history of the Capcom franchise could be a Netflix exclusive. The above after the update was Supermarché official site, a production house led by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman that is in charge of this film that will address the origin and drama of Mega Man.

Will the Mega Man movie be exclusive to Netflix?

The movie of Mega Man will address the origin of the iconic Capcom character

According to the information, the film of Mega Man It is produced by Supermarché, in turn, the project is the responsibility of the company Chernin Entertainment and it is this company that has an exclusive agreement with Netflix so that its productions appear first on the streaming platform.

Taking into account the above, and unofficially, the film of Mega Man would debut exclusively for Netflix, a decision that would not be strange since the platform has hosted productions inspired by video games such as Castlevania and The Witcher.

So far, there is no further official information on this project of Mega Man so it only remains to wait.

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