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Pokémon BDSP: How to Find (and Catch) Rotom

Rotom is an Electric / Ghost Pokémon that players can catch in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. It is a special encounter in the game.

The act of finding and trapping Rotom returns in Pokémon Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl. When it comes to Pokémon remakes, the Diamond and pearl The recreations are the ones that are closest to the originals. Previous remakes have added new content and linked the newer Pokémon to the older regions. However, this seems to be a faithful remake of the original Nintendo DS titles. That is, players will explore Sinnoh and its corners to find each of its colorful and unique Pokémon. Of course, one of the most popular Pokémon of this generation is Rotom.

On Bright diamond and bright pearl, Rotom is an Electric / Ghost-type Pokémon. On Pokémon tradition, this creature has the ability to seize electronic objects. On Platinum Pokémon, the players got to know the versions of Rotom for household appliances. Rotom has several different forms in the series; for example, the Rotom washing machine was of the electric / water type. Players who wish to add this Pokémon to their collection will have to wait until later in the game.

Players will need to head to the Old Chateau to find Rotom in Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon, located deep within the Eternal Forest. Players will also need to come to this location overnight and only after acquiring the National Pokédex. This is how players can catch Rotom in Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon.

Atrapando a Rotom en Pokémon Brilliant Diamond y Shining Pearl

The Old Chateau will be in the northernmost section of the Eternal Forest. After entering the Old Chateau, head upstairs and enter through the middle door. From here, enter the door at the end of the hall on the left. Upon entering, players will notice a television flickering. Get closer and select ‘Yes’ and Rotom will jump off the TV and attack the player. Rotom should be at level 15 during this encounter. Since this is an optional area in the game, players can return later once they have access to better Poké Balls. Players who want to capture it should aim for some Ultra and Great Balls.

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Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl Rotom will also have the ability to levitate, making it impossible to attack him with ground-type moves. Players looking to do less damage should use flying, steel, electric, poisonous, or bug-type moves. Rotom will resist these, making it easier to reduce its damage to capture it. Players looking to defeat him can use Ghost- or Dark-type moves. It’s pretty weak, so this battle shouldn’t take too long, as it’s one of the only times players can capture Rotom in-game. After catching Rotom, players will obtain the Secret Key, which is needed to open Rotom’s secret room inside the galactic building in Eternal City. Here, players can change the shape of Rotom by accessing the large number of devices available there.

Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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