Sunday, May 22

PlayStation is planning to launch a similar service to Xbox Game Pass this spring

Sources close to PlayStation have provided Bloomberg company documents disclosing plan to launch un servicio similar a Xbox Game Pass for PS5 and PS4. It is a project whose code name is ‘Spartacus’ and, according to anonymous sources, Sony intends to have it ready for the spring. This new service will actually be the combination of two existing subscriptions: PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

According to the documents provided by these people, who have preferred to remain anonymous, Sony intends to combine these two services but keep the PlayStation Plus brand, leaving aside the PlayStation Now platform. That way, starting in the spring the subscription that has so far provided access to game online and monthly free games too have its own catalog of modern and classical works for PS5 and PS4.

Three subscription models, each with its own benefits

The new service would then be a makeover of PlayStation Plus as we know it now, including some of the (improved) features of PlayStation Now. In Spartacus design documents, which may not be final, there is talk of three subscription tiersThe first will include the current benefits of PS Plus, the second will be expanded with an extensive catalog of PS4 games (and later on PS5), and the third will be the most complete with extended demos, cloud play and a library of Classics from early PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and even PSP.

Jason Schreier, a journalist who signs this news in Bloomberg, explains in his personal Twitter account that Sony will most likely want to keep the PlayStation Plus brand, so don’t expect a change in the name of the service. It also clarifies that be hard to see great throwing games in Spartacus as it does in Xbox Game Pass. The journalist has asked Sony for a comment regarding this leak, but the company has not yet come forward.

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