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Players rage against Godfall for the version offered by PlayStation Plus | Levelup

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When we first saw Godfall, the hype went through the roof and is that the Counterplay Games and Gearbox game was flaunted as one of the first of the nascent generation of PS5, although it would also be available on PC. Its action proposal, its definition as a slasher and looter, as well as its graphics were surprising but it was a matter of time after its launch for everything to fall apart and it was confirmed that it was a game that passed without pain or glory. The development team’s attempts to redeem the path have been unsuccessful and the recent decision to put it on PlayStation Plus caused nothing but annoyance.

Godfall insists on suffering and angering the players

It was recently revealed that Godfall It is one of the December 2021 games for PlayStation Plus subscribers and after the announcement it was thought that it would be the standard edition that would be available, which led some players to consider a second chance for this title. However, PlayStation confirmed that it was actually Godfall: Challenger Edition, a version that lacks a campaign and offers 3 game modes that can be enjoyed cooperatively. Sadly, the thought that subscribers were getting an incomplete set was enough to cause the ad run to be filled with negative comments.

PlayStation Plus subscribers questioned the absence of the standard version of Godfall

Worse still, gamers were even more enraged when it was announced that they would be able to play the campaign and the latest expansion, but only if they bought the one. Deluxe Edition . This decision was the straw that broke the camel’s back as the alleged “offer” of PlayStation Plus was immediately questioned in this case as it is not the full game and to play the campaign you have to pay.

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Unfortunately, no intention of change is seen, the decision has been made and it seems that Godfall it will continue to be mired in controversy, mediocrity and post-launch mismanagement.

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