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Open-world tactical RPG Wartales is now available on PC as Early Access

Shiro Games has announced that its open world tactical RPG Wartales yes is available in Early Access on Steam at a price of 34.99 euros. Wartales is an open-world tactical RPG in which players lead a group of explorers to achieve their objectives, amass fortunes and embark on dangerous journeys. The game is developed by the French indie studio after Evoland, Darksburg and the game with Viking theme Northgard. We show you his new trailer.

“A hundred years have passed since the world saw the fall of the great Edoran empire at the hands of an unprecedented plague that struck the nation. In the midst of the confusion and uncertainty caused, mercenary work, bandits and robberies throughout the country are rife, since honor has long become an almost forgotten virtue, “says the study.

Players will lead a group of mercenaries on different adventures, adapting the game experience as they go. As the group evolves, it will be able to explore the remnants of the Edorian Empire, devastated by the Great Plague, and discover much more. There are options to build and develop camps, craft weapons, stock up on mercenaries, and fight in a turn-based combat system.

The content of Early Access

The version in Early Access includes three regions, two of them completely new from the demo, and will have regular updates every two months expanding the size and possibilities of the world of Wartales. Players will discover the Kingdom of Edoran in one of these regions, who want to conquer their neighbors using their famed legion, and will be able to learn more about the historical events that have defined this world during the previous years.

At the moment there is no approximate date for its final launch.

Wartales available in Early Access

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