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It is unavoidable! UK parents name their baby Thanos | Levelup

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If you thought that the use of famous names or characters was something typical of Latin America, you will be surprised to know that it is not like that because in the United Kingdom someone took their passion for the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe further and it is expected that this will become a trend for years to come.

Thanos was already born and lives in the UK

According to information from the site specialized in babies BabyCentre, a couple from the United Kingdom had a baby and when they registered their name they chose that of one of the villains in vogue from Marvel movies. Yes, we mean that baby’s name is Thanos, just like the antagonist in the last 2 movies of The Avengers, in what thus far appears to be an isolated case.

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It is expected that in the coming years there will be more babies named after superheroes or villains.

However, the site notes that name registrations have already been submitted in the UK for babies now named Loki and Thor, plus there is another little one named Thanos who was registered last year.

According BabyCentre, there have also been cases in which babies are named as characters in popular series on streaming platforms, such as Sex Education and You.

Finally, the site pointed out that the expectation is that in the coming years the number of registrations with baby names inspired by the heroes or villains of the Marvel or DC Comics movies will increase.

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