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Hawkeye’s giant arrow creates a huge hole in the plot of the Infinity saga

While Clint Barton’s “Pym Arrow” is a great moment in Marvel’s Hawkeye, it does create a significant hole in the MCU’s plot in regards to how he got it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Marvel Hawkeye Episode 3, “Echoes.”

While the giant arrow used by Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in Marvel’s Hawkeye it’s awesome, it creates a huge plot hole for the Infinity Saga as a whole. Featured in Hawkeye In episode 3, Clint and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) are trying to escape the tracksuit mob, prompting the duo to employ a variety of deceptive arrows. This includes one that uses Pym particles typically used by Ant-Man, resulting in a spectacular shot of epic proportions. However, there are definitely some issues regarding how Hawkeye got his hands on the particles.

And Marvel’s Hawkeye In Episode 3, Clint instructs Kate to fire a normal arrow high enough to land directly on the oncoming Tracksuit Mafia truck. Clint then fires a second shaft with an arrowhead filled with Pym particles at Kate’s arrow, growing it to massive size before hitting and destroying the truck, using the same mechanics as the first’s Thomas the Tank Engine toy. Ant Man or the fuel truck dumped at War Machine in Captain America: Civil War during the airport battle. While the giant stunt arrow is one of the most exciting moments of the episode, how could Clint Barton get his hands on Pym’s particles in the first place?

In previous Marvel movies, audiences know that Clint Barton retired after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. He then came out of retirement to help Steve Rogers during Civil war which was where he first came into contact with Scott Lang’s Ant-Man. However, both Hawkeye and Ant-Man were absent from Avengers: Infinity War after agreeing to agreements to be placed under house arrest to stay with their families after violating the Sokovia Accords. After Thanos’s Annihilation, Clint and Scott would join the rest of the Avengers in trying to bring back those they had lost in. Avengers Endgame. That said, there is no real logical point in the MCU timeline where Clint getting Pym Particles for a cheat arrow makes sense.

Clint Barton was already retired before Ant-Man appeared on the scene with the Avengers, so why would Scott Lang give particles to a retired Avenger Pym? They certainly wouldn’t have come from his namesake and creator Hank Pym, who expressed his dislike for Iron Man along with his disapproval of Scott helping Captain America in Civil war. Nor would it make sense for the Pym particles to occur between Civil war and Final, as Clint and Scott were under house arrest while Hank was a fugitive before being dusted off by Thanos. Even in Final Where Clint and Scott worked together to bring everyone back, the surviving Avengers’ plan relied on a limited supply of Pym particles that were needed to travel through time.

Similarly, Scott would not have given Clint the particles after Final, since Clint retired again to be with his family (with the intention of remaining retired). While it’s not a plot hole that breaks the MCU in any way, it certainly looks like the epic stunt arrow comes with a few discrepancies. There is simply no logical reason for Clint Barton to have the giant arrow at Marvel’s. Hawkeye.

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