Tuesday, August 16

Godfall: Challenger Edition can be purchased separately for a reduced price of $ 15

When the December PS Plus games were unveiled for PS5 and PS4 we discovered that the leak that pointed to Godfall was going to be one of them was right, but only half: finally what will be available to subscribers of this gaming service online pay be one Challenger Edition, something like a trimmed version of the original which does not include campaign mode and focuses exclusively on the endgame with the focus on the cooperative.

Yesterday it was also announced that Godfall: Challenger Edition be included in next week’s Epic Games Store free games, with the same reduced content as the PS5 and PS4 version. Now those responsible for the game, the developer Counterplay Games and the publisher Gearbox Publishing, have announced that this new product will also be sold separately at least in the Epic Games Store, where we can find it at a price of 14,99 dlares Americans (we do not yet know its price in Spain, but we can imagine a similar window).

Counterplay Games denies that it is a trial version

A Counterplay Games spokesperson has been the one who has commented to Eurogamer plans to sell Godfall: Challenger Edition separately, once the promotional period ends during which it will be available for free on the Epic Games Store (from December 9 to 16), clarifying that “this is not a trial version” as many players have criticized. In this way, players can decide between buying the full version of the game, which on PC has a recommended price of 39.99 euros for its standard version, or acquire the Challenger Edition at a reduced price with the possibility of paying to upgrade and get both the original campaign mode and the expansion Fire & Darkness.

In the page of Godfall: Challenger Edition en Epic Games Store we can read that this version “Immediately unlocks a top-level Valorplate, rewards you skill points and equips you with a variety of lethal weapons “so that you can directly engage the three game modes that make up the endgame from Godfall: Lightbringer, Dreamstones and Ascended Tower of Trials. “Defeat your enemies and you will be rewarded with loot worthy of a true Valorian. Loot and slash at the cooperative way paired with up to three players to demonstrate your skills, improve your character and crush your enemies “, ends by saying the description.

Godfall They originally released on PS5 and PC in November last year, while their PS4 version arrived this summer. Can you read our analysis here.


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