Wednesday, August 17

Genshin Impact gives away 800 Protogems as a thank you from December 4 to 7

Genshin Impact, the successful free to play from the Chinese studio miHoYo, distribute 800 Protogems to thank players from December 4-7. This has been announced by the company through a statement published in the official website of the title in which he thanked users for their involvement with the role-playing game and fantasy that could have reaped more than 4 billion dollars in its first 12 months of life. If you are regular players of this title remember that you also have at your disposal a list of codes to redeem more Protogems for free this December.

Every day 200 Protogems will be sent by email

“Dear travelers, thank you for your unconditional support Genshin Impact recibi the PlayStation Partner Awards 2021 GRAND AWARD and the second place in the PlayStation Game Music Award. Thank you for joining us on this journey! We are preparing to send 800 Protogems as a thank you gift from December 4 to 7 “, the statement details. As the miHoYo message highlights, the Protogems can be obtained in the period between December 4 and 7 inclusive of a very specific way: 200 Protogems will be sent every day through the internal mail of the game at 00:00, depending of course on the time zone of each server.

To get the 800 Protogems, two essential requirements must be met: These should be collected before the end of version 2.3, which has multitude of changes and novelties, and travelers have to have reached Adventure Rank 7 or higher. Genshin Impact it’s one of the games free to play most popular of the moment and its growing community of players would be promoting that from myHoYo they consider the possibility of adding a new large playing area, although at the moment they are rumors. If you want to discover all the secrets that it hides Genshin Impact, the how tips or tricks, we invite you to read our complete guide.

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