Thursday, December 8

Gabe Newell says Valve is making ‘big investments’ in new games and virtual reality

Gabe NewellValve CEO explained during a May talk at Sancta Maria College, a New Zealand secondary school, that the company is doing “big investments in new virtual reality headsets and games”. According to reports from Road Tovr, Newell wanted to share with the students his vision about the future of the video game industry and new technologies; the manager intends to prepare his company for a near future dominated by brain-computer interfaces (BCI). These statements by Valve’s bosses do not surprise us considering that the company revealed that they are developing titles to take advantage of the Steam Deck and that there are already rumors about the successor of Valve Index.

Newell will continue to invest in virtual reality, in addition to games adapted to this technology

“There are interesting questions, such as: Are things a kind of stable end goal or are they transition points? My opinion, which is not in the accepted medium, is that virtual reality and augmented reality are transition points towards brain-computer interfaces. Everything that needs to be done in terms of controls in games, in terms of understanding visual processing, in terms of competent design is leading you towards brain-computer interfaces and what they do, “Newell explained when in a round questions a group of students asked him about the Valve’s involvement with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

“I think brain-computer interfaces are going to be incredibly disruptive, one of the most disruptive technological transitions we are going to experience. So I think it is very valuable. We are investing heavily in new virtual reality devices and games for those application categories, but we also look further and say: ‘How is this evolving?’ “he continued in his statements.”Half-Life: Alyx It was kind of a statement of what we think opportunities are, and I think it sums up our current best idea on that. And also about the decisions that we are making about the next generation of helmets that we are developing, “Newell commented when a student asked him if he was happy with the direction that virtual reality-oriented technologies are taking.

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