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Filtered The Matrix Awakens, an experience for PlayStation 5 | Levelup

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The Matrix It was a great film that, since its premiere at the beginning of the millennium, became one of the favorite films of fans of the cyberpunk genre. The fourth iteration of the series, The Matrix ResurrectionsIt will hit theaters in a few days and Warner Bros. appears to have an interactive experience in store for PlayStation 5.

It is normal that near the premiere of a film production the companies responsible for the project have a promotional strategy ready to raise expectations. Certainly the excitement around The Matrix Resurrections It’s already very high and doesn’t need much hype, but either way Warner Bros. is apparently taking this to a new level.

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The Matrix Awakens coming to PlayStation 5

We say this because today the reddit user the_andshrew discovered something very interesting in the PlayStation Store, as he found an image that reveals the existence of The Matrix Awakens on the backend of the platform and that it is at least a product that exists for PlayStation 5.

At first glance, many would believe that this is a teaser for a game, but what suggests that it could be more of a kind of interactive campaign is that the art reads that it will be an Unreal Engine 5 experience, so It could be a project in the style of KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION, an experience that the band Radiohead prepared to promote their new album release.

This project has not been confirmed, but it is striking because it would be one of the first experiences or demos made in Unreal Engine 5 available to the public, since the new Epic Games engine was revealed in 2020 and several developers are already working with it to his next projects, but there is still no large full production running on it that is already on sale.

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We remind you that The Game Awards 2021 will take place next week and it is likely that the experience will be announced at that event, days before the premiere of the film.

In case you missed it: The Matrix could also be preparing a collaboration with Fortnite.

Image: PlayStation Store (via reddit)

What do you expect from this experience? Tell us in the comments.

The Matrix Resurrections It will debut on December 22. You can find more news related to The Matrix if you visit this page.

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