Monday, June 27

Diplomacy is Not an Option dates your early access • Console and Dashboard

January 26, 2022. It is the date chosen by Door 407 for the premiere of Diplomacy is Not an Option. That day will come to PC, through Steam, through early access. Therefore, we are not facing its final version.


This proposal will combine the strategy in real time, the construction of cities and the essence of a ‘tower defense’. It turns us into a feudal lord, ready to show his enemies who’s boss.

His castle is surrounded by hordes of bloodthirsty enemies to contend with. In the midst of the crisis of the forties, we will make decisions for the good of the territory and its economic development. Those creatures and the rebellious peasants will add some excitement to your, until now, monotonous life. After all, he’s tired of hunting and partying …

With the pursuit of victory always present, we will not forget to gain control of foreign lands, where they say there are valuable gold deposits. Unfortunately for us, and of course, the natives will not be happy to see us.

The laws of physics promise to be the faithful companions of the proposal, with thousands of units fighting simultaneously. Each weapon will have a certain range. No less important will be to bury the dead, avoiding epidemics and a drop in morale in society. Magic will not miss the appointment, with the dead that rise up every time we demolish a cemetery.

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