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Cowboy Bebop: 10 Unpopular Opinions According To Reddit

Despite Cowboy Bebop fans praising it as one of the best anime series, Reddit always has those who disagree. See you, Space Redditors …

When it was first released in 1998, Shinichiro Watanabe’s anime masterpiece, Cowboy Bebop, was almost immediately praised and hailed as one of the greatest and best-made anime series of all time. When the English dub debuted on Adult Swim in 2001, its popularity and acclaim only skyrocketed, gaining a new Western audience who loved it so much.

However, even the most important works of art and media have their own set of naysayers and negative reviews. Despite being 100% fresh Rotten tomatoes and have a place in IMDbthe 250 best TV shows, not even Be-bop you are safe from the scorn of the opinions of those who doubt on Reddit.

The show is slow and boring

In this modern age, many TV viewers prefer their shows to feature ongoing stories, so that one episode flows smoothly to the next, to make it into episode night. With the way he takes his time, especially on his independent stories, and his tendency to leave viewers thinking and analyzing his themes, Cowboy Bebop it is definitely not one of those programs.

Redditor ariiaaaa he claims they were “so bored by episode 13” and wonders if he “has some kind of pacing problem.” This is more than understandable to anyone not used to slow-paced movies and shows. Be-bop It is slow, but it is slow in the same way that many of the great foreign films are slow.

Live action adaptation is better

Netflix’s recent live adaptation of the series has received a mixed general negative response from fans of the original. While it has its own set of positive qualities, most have agreed that it is simply not as good as the Cowboy Bebop anime.

Redditor Marquis DeLafayeett deleted their initial post, but in response to another comment, they mention that when it comes to the original, “they’ve always been a huge fan. But I find live action better. While the aesthetic feels authentic and the cast mostly spot-on, the Netflix series has yet to capture the same fan appeal of the original, but that certainly hasn’t stopped others from appreciating it as their own.

Ed doesn’t fit the show

Radical Edward’s character was introduced in episode 9, becoming an official member of the Be-bop crew. She was energetic, eccentric, animalistic, and a brilliant hacker. A perfect companion for Ein, an excellent contrast to the team’s more serious nature, and much-needed comic relief, Ed became an unexpected fan favorite, but he also tended to annoy and even alienate certain viewers.

Reddit user thecolbster99 She didn’t like Ed very much, saying, “I feel like she kills the serious mood on the show. I also find the way he acts unpleasant in general. ” While Ed’s character may be a more acquired taste for some, it might be an exaggeration to say that she doesn’t fit in. His character is as essential to the series as a whole as Spike or Faye, and he brings a lot of heart and innocence to him.

Faye is annoying

With her tragic backstory, Faye Valentine is one of the most profound and complex characters on the show. Not only that, but her bad girl attitude, tongue-in-cheek humor, and strong confidence levels make her one of the Cowboy BebopThe loveliest characters and one of Watanabe’s most beloved creations. However, it is not without its flaws and has a great list of them.

Redditor self proclaimed he has described Faye as “bossy, greedy, needs rescue or is a hindrance to the group more often than an advantage” and as “exhibiting many of the worst characteristics” that a female character can have. They make some pretty valid points in her description, but given the nature of her character and everything she’s been through, it’s too hard not to sympathize with her.

The end was rushed

In the two-part finale and one of the saddest episodes of Be-bopBoth the series and Spike’s journey as a whole come to a rather tragic end. While hardly anyone had any real complaints about the show’s less-than-happy ending, there were some who disagreed with how rushed it felt.

99ayf99 wrote: “I love the look, the message and the symbolism, I think it was poorly executed because of how crossed out it is.” With just 2 episodes, each just 22 minutes long, to wrap up the entire series, it’s easy to see where your criticism is coming from. Even if the overall ending felt rushed, it doesn’t take away much of what he accomplished with the highly memorable ending, which gave a satisfying farewell to the Be-bop to emit.

Vicious is a poorly developed villain

Throughout the show, the Be-bop The crew come face to face with many formidable and deadly enemies. Some are more threatening and worth more than others, but one of the biggest and baddest was Vicious, a figure from Spike’s past and leader of the Red Dragon crime syndicate.

Aside from Faye, self proclaimed He also disagreed with Vicious, calling him “especially bad” with “very little character or motivation.” She only appears in 5 episodes, but her backstory finally speaks for itself when it comes to her motivation. Despite his limited screen time, he is still as developed and easy to understand as Spike.

Music is nothing special

One of the most important elements that make up Cowboy BebopIdentity is your music. With the sounds of his iconic Jazz soundtrack, ranging from smooth and sexy to excitable and adrenaline-pumping, Yoko Kanno’s show’s music sometimes feels like its own character.

Music was another part of the show that self proclaimed It turned out to be a disappointment, saying “it’s not worth the praise people give it.” Jazz fan or not, the series’ modern noir atmosphere draws heavily on this style of music, and it’s almost impossible to imagine another kind that would serve as the soundtrack for Be-bopworld.

“Pierrot Le Fou” is the worst episode

While it is considered one of the best episodes of Cowboy Bebop, the twentieth episode, Pierrot le fou, failed to strike a chord with a select few. It’s one of the darkest episodes on the show, featuring one of the series’ scariest yet sympathetic villains, Mad Pierrot, but not even both are enough to prevent certain fans from skipping it.

Redditor vanisaac she had commented on the way they chose to rewatch the series, saying “I almost always jump, and I never get lost when I do.” It can be darker and different compared to the rest of the series. but for many others, it is a rather surprising and welcoming change of pace.

The movie was a disappointment

When Cowboy Bebop: The Movie released in 2001, three years after the series had already ended, it was made like a midquel, between episodes 22 and 23. It is always a risk to follow something that is already considered perfect by most of its viewers, but the reaction was received from critics and fans of the series turned out to be incredibly positive.

However, there are still users like Reddit LGarrad They are not afraid to express the opposite sentiment, posting “I saw the movie after about a year of finishing the series and I was disappointed.” The movie is certainly more plot-driven than the show is its themes, but for many fans, that doesn’t necessarily make it a disappointment.

The submarine is better

The war between anime fans who watch their shows or movies dubbed in English and those who prefer the original Japanese language with subtitles has created a division within the community for decades. When it comes to Cowboy BebopHowever, there has been an overwhelming majority who say the show is more entertaining in English, especially given the dedication of the voice actors.

In a different thread vanisaac he also cited the dubbing as another serious complaint from them and defended the original subtitled version, stating that “the dubbing definitely sounds really bad.” In the ongoing battle between sub and dub, there is really only one real answer: it doesn’t matter; it’s just a preference and it’s the same great show either way.


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