Wednesday, August 17

Company of Heroes 3’s Upcoming Pre-Alpha Includes Comp Stomp 2v2 and a New Battlegroup System

Today, developer Relic Entertainment has released a new trailer for their strategy game Company of Heroes 3. The video refers to the upcoming pre-alpha, starting tomorrow, and details a ton of features we can look forward to.

Even though the trailer mentions that it is a pre-alpha multiplayer, there is also single player content available. Players can battle the AI ​​alone and make use of the tactical pause mechanic. Meanwhile, those interested in PvP can participate in 2v2 Comp Stomp and work together to defeat rival armies.

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The pre-alpha will feature the German and American armies, and both will feature new units, technology options, and veteran systems. It will also show battlegroups, which Relic Entertainment has described as an evolution of the doctrines and commander system of previous games. In the pre-alpha, there are four of these, two for each army. The United States will have the USF Airbone and the USF Armored, while the German military has the German Breakthrough and Luftwaffe groups.

There are also other new features for players to try. They include quarterbacks, support centers, and vehicle side armor, making ground height play a bigger role in each skirmish. Of course, this is just an alpha, so we can expect additional units, mechanics, and factions, including the Italian Army, to be revealed next year.

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