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Battlefield 2042 surprises players and creates controversy with crazy Santa skin

Christmas is getting ready to arrive at Battlefield 2042… with a skin that has surprised players, to say the least. As the game deals with the exile of thousands of players and has released a huge update to address glitches and technical problems, images of the next content to receive the game for the holidays come from Twitter. Among them, a skin so that we can hit shots in the purest Santa Claus style.

Battlefield 2042 prepares for christmas

It seems that the problems are not over yet for Battlefield 2042. Complaints about technical errors are now joined by messages from some players unhappy with the upcoming holiday content to receive the title. “Why do you think the players of Battlefield want this material cartoon in the style of Fortnite? “, he questioned @Pietownguy. While others have come out in defense of DICE: “If you don’t like the fact that a game has seasonal content, then maybe you should stop playing. A lot of games do seasonal things like this.”

We live in a world where we consider that The jungle of crystal It is a Christmas movie, so we suppose that DICE has wanted to bet on that same valuation. In any case, this preseason of Battlefield 2042 last at least 8 weeks, and allow fans to dress their tanks in a reindeer print And, why not, wear that outfit in the purest style of the King of Christmas.

“Today we have

From the official Twitter account of Battlefield, the team wanted to echo the reason that led them to prepare this type of skins for Christmas. “The development of Live Service it requires us to work months in advance and allows us to have options when we reach key moments in our first year. Today we have other prioritiesSo even though we have the skins, we currently have no plans to use them all this Christmas. “

“We also created unique cosmetic items for one-time use in the special modes of Battlefield, to further enhance fantasy at special events, “they continue.” This gives all of us who work in Battlefield new and exciting opportunities that allow us explore with greater creative freedom than before“.

Weekly missions arrive next week

From DICE they confirm that the weekly missions will start this next week. Players will have the opportunity to complete different challenges and receive new skins as a reward. Every week there will be a new skin to unlock, as a start to the first season. Accompanying his words, the studio has shared images of some of the skins that we will find in this period.

We remind you that Battlefield 2042 It is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S. Here you can read our analysis and our guide tips and tricks.

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