Tuesday, November 29

Battlefield 2042 has outperformed BF1 and BF4 in its first week, according to a rumor

Battlefield 2042 has not gotten off to a good start in fan criticism, but players were interested in the new shooter of DICE and its sales have not been bad at all. At least so says Tom Henderson, editor at VGC and other media: 4.23 million copies sold in its first week.

Battlefield 2042 It was released on November 19 and recently received an update that fixes more than 300 bugs. He also receives criticism for a seemingly more harmless subject, the inclusion of Santa Claus appearances. Nevertheless none of this has prevented sales from exceeding 4 million. Is it a lot or a little for the saga? The sales of the games, as Henderson himself recalls, are as follows:

  • Battlefield 3: 4.68 million
  • Battlefield 1: 3.46 million
  • Battlefield 4: 2.59 million
  • Battlefield: Hardline: 1.48 million
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2: 1.39 million
  • Battlefield: Bad Company: 0.44 million
  • Battlefield 2042: 4.23 million

Therefore, Battlefield 2042 it will be the second Battlefield best-selling only behind Battlefield 3in the absence of knowing data from Battlefield V-, an installment that represented an important leap in the saga -among other aspects, due to its graphics- and laid the foundations for the sequels. At the bottom of the list we find the first two Bad Company and Battlefield: Hardline, a different installment developed by Visceral Games -study closed by Electronic Arts-. The data comes from internal information, so unless EA highlights good sales performance it will not be made official.

Fun, but with room for improvement

“Is it fun? S. Does it have good maps? S. Will I like it if I’m a fan of the series? S. Does it have bugs in its launch? Is content missing? S “, we clarify in the analysis. “We have no doubt that Battlefield 2042 comes out sooner than it should, that it is a game with a lot of potential that is missing still a few months of development to reach its maximum level“.

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