Friday, November 25

Ancelotti press conference, live

Carlo Ancelotti He appears at a press conference in the preview of the match against Real Sociedad. The Real Madrid He goes to Anoeta with the firm idea of ​​scoring three points with which to lower one of his rivals even more for the title, but knowing that he is going to have to suffer a lot.

13.18 hours. Spare parts for Benzema and Vini

“There are spare parts, but the two above are doing very well. It is difficult to remove them because it is difficult to break this dynamic. With Casemiro the issue is that it gives a lot of balance. Behind Casemiro there are high quality players like Camavinga and Blanco, but still they don’t have much experience “

13.17 hours. The Courtois stops.

“Courtois saved us. He did very well. With Courtois’ performance we have been very solid.

13.16 hours. Distance with your rivals

“If we do well in these two games, we can have an advantage. But it is a very close League. It is going to be an even League until the end.”

13.15 hours. What player would you like to look like if you played soccer again?

“I would like to be a forward. Vinicius, Benzema or Haaland. What I lacked in my career are the goals”

13.14 hours. hazard

“Hazard has not done everything they expect of him. He is in the squad and can play in the next matches.”

13.13 hours. Mbapp said as a child that he dreamed of playing for Madrid. What do you think?

“Children have to pursue the dreams they have. As a child I had the dream of playing in Serie A and I fulfilled it”

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13.12 hours. Xabi Alonso as coach

“One who has played in the center of the field has more advantage. Because they are very tactical players. And Xabi was one of the best midfielders I have ever had. If I had to bet on a player who could be a coach, it would have been him. The game as a coach I understood it very well “

13.10 hours. Housemiro, Kroos, Modric.

“I don’t know if they can play the three games in a row. I have to think first if they can play against Real. I have to think about it. If Modric doesn’t sleep well or feels tired, I don’t put it in”

13.09 hours. The day to make more changes

“We are not thinking about Inter and Atltico. I am going to put the best line-up to win the game against Real. Casemiro is going to play even though he has four yellow cards.”

13.07 hours. Physical alarm

“We have no alarm, we are evaluating the squad. We have almost everyone. Bale has returned with the team, although he will not be in the squad. Almost the entire squad is in good physical condition. I have looked a little at the status and only against Shakhtar and Bara we repeat eleven. I have alternated the sides a lot, Rodrygo-Asensio, Marcelo played against Elche … ”

13.06 hours. Ancelotti exits. First question

“Real is a team that plays very well, which is very strong. I am delighted to have this exam now, in a fantastic stadium”

12.59 hours. La Real, rival for the League

Real Sociedad is a rival for the title that the whites want to leave behind. If they win, they will drop it to 10 points.

12.57 hours. Buenas tardes. In a few moments the press conference of Carlo Ancelotti in Valdebebas begins

The Real Madrid coach analyze Anoeta’s duel and review the news of the white team

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