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All Salma Hayek Horror Movies, Ranked

Before Eternals or House of Gucci, Salma Hayek appeared in a quartet of horror films from The Faculty to From Dusk Till Dawn, but which one is the best?

Screen veteran Salma Hayek recently returned to theaters with Gucci house and eternalBut it’s been some time since there was a Salma Hayek horror movie. Despite starting out as an action hero, Salma Hayek hasn’t made as many horror movies as some readers may guess. The veteran star has appeared in a number of sci-fi endeavors, but over the decades of his career, Hayek has only appeared in four horror films.

Hayek’s first horror movie came shortly after his starring role in Forajido and met with the director of that film, Robert Rodríguez. After the 1996 vampire western From dusk to dawn, Hayek stayed away from the genre for two years before Rodriguez tempted her back to the dark side with 1998 The faculty. Written by Scream Kevin Williamson, co-creator of the franchise, that 1998 sci-fi horror gave Hayek a minor role. He had a bigger role in his next horror, 2009. Freak show, before his last horror movie to date, 2015 Storytelling, relegated her to a smaller role again.

However, while Hayek may not share Kevin Bacon’s love of horror, some of his outings in the genre have been critically acclaimed. That said, some of Salma Hayek’s later horror movies weren’t as lucky with critics. The failure of Hayek’s more recent horror films may have even influenced his decision to move away from the genre. Here are Salma Hayek’s horror movies ranked from worst to best.

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Freak show

Launched in 2009, Freak show was a big-budget adaptation of Darren Shan’s YA best-seller. Unfortunately for Hayek and the talented cast, Freak show was one of the minors Harry Potter knockoffs, no scares, minimal edge, and a misguided John C. Reilly wasted on a predictable plot. Hayek is funny like the bearded lady Madame Truska but, like Dead endFrom Ana De Armas, the star is unable to lift the material on her own.


While 2015 Fairy tales In itself as uneven as most anthology endeavors, the inventive fusion of horror, fantasy, and fairy tales shines through during Hayek’s lurid story and Vincent Cassel’s featured segment. A collection of European folk tales reimagined by director Matteo Garrone, Fairy tales It snakes at times, but the central story of Hayek’s mad queen who eats a dragon’s heart in hopes of conceiving an heir is riveting and surreal. Storytelling It may not maintain this level of art throughout its long running time, but at best it is the best horror movie Guillermo Del Toro ever made.

The faculty

Underrated since its premiere, director Robert Rodríguez The faculty is a scripted effort by Kevin Williamson that aimed to do for body-snatching science fiction what Scream He did it for teenage killers. The self-conscious humor isn’t quite as sharp this time, but the cast is uniformly excellent. Hayek only got a small role playing against the guy as the sloppy school nurse, but he fits into the solid lineup and has just as much fun as his cheesy co-stars Robert Patrick, Famke Janssen, and Jon Stewart.

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From dusk to dawn

1996 chase movie / vampire western From dusk to dawn it’s a wild-genre hybrid that, by all rights, shouldn’t have worked. Initially a tense kidnapping thriller, From dusk to dawn Flip a plot switch midway when antiheroes are hiding in a vampire infested bar. different to Midnight mass‘Vampire story influenced by Stephen King, in this dizzying and silly endeavor, bloodsuckers appear suddenly and without explanation, but the movie is still a marvel despite not making much sense. From dusk to dawn also gave Salma Hayek one of his most iconic roles to date, making him the star’s best horror and one of director Robert Rodriguez’s best films.

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