Monday, November 28

Welcome to My Cave, about to be released on mobile phones • Console and Dashboard

Welcome to My Cave It will be a reality on Tuesday, December 7, both on iOS and Android. We are, therefore, less than a week for its premiere on the App Store and Google Play.


This proposal plunges us into the beginnings of humanity, on a journey to the unknown. As our tribe progresses, we will get different rewards.

We will need to supply basic needs, without forgetting to prosper in terms of inventions. As a young chieftain, we will have to show our father how well we are at leadership skills. Each settlement will take shape with the tool making and agriculture, giving way to more advanced technologies that improve the quality of life.

The construction of stone buildings will give way to modern dwellings, with over a hundred buildings to unlock. Even the commitment to technology could take us to Mars. It bears the Error300 Games seal. It will be released under the free download model, in a version that includes the first year of the campaign. To unlock the rest, you must go through the box.

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