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Valve denies rumors about Citadel, supposed secret game already in development | Levelup

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Many Valve fans dream of seeing Half-Life 3 at some point, but apparently the wait will be quite long. This as recent reports claim that the studio has other priorities, such as the launch of Steam Deck and a secret project called Citadel.

In case you don’t remember, the sources describe the title based on Half-Life and as a mix between an RTS and an FPS. They also mention that their concept is as if as if Left 4 Dead, Alien Swarm, an RTS and Half-Life had a baby.

It is also said that Citadel It has been in development since 2018 and at some point it was thought of adding a cooperative multiplayer component in virtual reality; however, it is said that this option is likely to be discarded in the end.

On the other hand, sources state that one of the goals of Citadel is to demonstrate all that the Steam Deck is capable of. Valve finally spoke about this report and, as you can imagine, denied the rumors about this alleged development.

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Exists Citadel? Valve clears up rumors about it

Most of the information leaked about this project came from Tyler McVicker of Valve News Network, who on his networks and YouTube channel often shares information about Valve. The company is aware of its latest report on Citadel, so he came out to deny it.

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In reality, the company never denied the existence of the project, but did emphasize that McVicker does not have in his hands any confidential information about his long-term plans. Valve also asked its followers for caution, saying that important announcements will come from themselves.

Likewise, he invited the players to know the McVicker report, but with skepticism about what it mentions about Citadel and other hypothetical projects. So, we will have to be patient and wait to know for sure if such a game exists.

“Good to see the coverage [de Valve News Network, Tyler McVicker] with a good dose of skepticism. We think it’s important to reiterate that while Tyler is a passionate gamer, he doesn’t have an insider on what’s going on at Valve. Any major announcements about projects we are working on or not working on will come directly from us, “Valve said.

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