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Untouchable? US State Treasurers Put Pressure on Activision-Blizzard | Levelup

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The few days of rest that the Activision-Blizzard scandal had ended and perhaps in the worst way for the board of directors of the video game company because the situation is already worrying at government levels and its financial sectors. The above after it was confirmed that state treasurers are pressuring Activision-Blizzard so that the situation is resolved as soon as possible and in the best way.

The Activision-Blizzard scandal already worries at the government level

According to a report by AxiosState treasurers from California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Delaware and Nevada have come together to learn about the situation that Activision-Blizzard is going through and to ask the company to take appropriate action. Surely you wonder what the state treasuries have to do with this, well, it is through them that resources belonging to the workers’ retirement funds are invested to ensure a pension. These funds are placed in safe operations in the financial sector and for many years Activision – Blizzard’s performance in the market made its shares a safe and stable bet.

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State treasurers think that higher ups can’t solve problems

However, as a result of the scandal of harassment and abuse of many of its workers, a series of protests and with media and industry figures calling for the problem to be solved – some of them with everything and a request for Bobby Kotick to fall – the Activision-Blizzard shares have gone down and uncertainty begins to be present for the company.

According to the report, on November 23, state treasurers from 6 states requested a meeting with the Activision-Blizzard board of directors to discuss issues related to what the company will do to improve the situation and get out of this problem.

Also, the treasurers indicated that they are willing to consider a new election of directors that will prevent the current senior managers of the company from remaining in their positions.

Finally, the statement by Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs highlights: “We are concerned that the current CEO and the directors of the board do not have the skills, nor the conviction to institute these radical changes necessary to transform their culture, to restore confidence with employees and shareholders and their partners “.

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