Monday, August 8

The new Pokémon sweeps Spain with 120,000 units sold in its first week

We return with a new review of the best-selling games in physical format in Spain, with figures from November 15 to 21, the week in which Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl was the best-selling game, as well as Nintendo Switch the best-selling console

Sales week 46: from November 15 to 21

1. Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl (Switch)
2. FIFA 22 (PS4)
3. Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
4. FIFA 22 (Switch)
5. Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5)
6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)
7. Battlefield 2042 (PS5)
8. Just Dance 2022 (Switch)
9. Mario Party Superstars (Switch)
10. Minecraft (Switch)

The new Pokémon debuts as one of the best releases of the year

This is the week chosen by Nintendo to take out its biggest bet of the Christmas campaign, a title that has always had spectacular sales in its last 25 years, something that can only be achieved by a few titles chosen in the history of video games, and this new installment of Pokmon has not disappointed in sales, despite the fact that the critics They have been one of the worst in the saga.

As Pokemon Shiny Pearl and Shimmering Diamond has sold 118,300 units sold, remaining a little below those achieved by Pokémon Sword and Shield in 2019 it sold 123,500 units. In this way it becomes the best launch of the year in our country together with FIFA 22, which sold 122,000 units in its first week adding up all the versions of the game, which are many.

In second position this week we have FIFA 22 for PS4 with 11,550 units, being already close to 180,000 copies sold since its launch. Close the podium in third position GTA 5 for PS4 with 9800 units.

From the rest of the top comment some interesting entries, such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits which in its release in physical format (it came out in digital in September) has sold 4050 units on PS5 and 1,100 units on PS4. Another entry on the list, although somewhat weak for such an important saga, is that of Battlefield 2042 from PS5 with 3800 units, selling 2,950 on PS4, 500 on PC, 450 on Xbox Series, and 300 on Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch was once again the best-selling console by far

One more week Switch leads the sales of consoles in our country with 11,350 units (5150 of the new OLED model), followed by
Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda with 3850 units. Then we have PS5 with 3100 units (2900 of the model with disc reader and 200 of the “digital”), Xbox Series X with 1450 units (550 units of the special edition of Halo Infinite), 800 Xbox Series S, PS4 450 and Xbox One 9 units.

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