Sunday, December 4

The Matrix Awakens Leaks For PS5: What Is This ‘Experience’ On Unreal Engine About?

There is very little left for Matrix Resurrections premieres (in Spain it will be on Wednesday December 22th), and given how imminent this awaited moment is, we see more and more news about the intriguing new film in the saga of Neo and company. Today we have been able to see a new trailer in which a comparison of this new film is made with those of the original triloga, although what is really important is not what they have officially taught us, but what has leaked on the PS5 PS Store.

Some users have noticed that in the digital store of the next generation Sony console a new application has appeared That hasn’t been officially announced, at least for now. Is about The Matrix Awakens, a digital product of which we only know a few details: being available on PS5, it is defined as an “experience” and has been developed in Unreal Engine 5, the latest and powerful version of the engine from Epic Games.

Experience, game for VR … What is it? The Matrix Awakens?

Other than that, nothing else. We don’t know whether to be a complete set or a brief experience in the style of what Radiohead recently did with Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, although it seems that it will be more related to this second than to a large-scale project that adapts the new film to the cinema. All kinds of speculations have already begun to appear on the Internet, and there are from the most measured expectations, such as the ones we have commented, to others more visceral than they ask remakes O remasters of some classic games of Matrix What The Matrix: Path of Neo. There is also talk that it could be some kind of experience related to the virtual reality, but they are all kbalas for the moment.

What is clear is that The Matrix Awakens be an experience related to the premiere of Matrix Resurrections, so we will not have to wait long to discover what is behind this mysterious application for PS5.

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