Saturday, December 3

The goddess to whom Xabier and Julen pray: “Paris Hilton is like Jesus Christ for fags”




Xabier, a 21-year-old influencer from Vizcaya, has come to the restaurant of ‘First Dates’ in search of love and from the moment it has been received by Carlos Sobera it has become clear that the show was guaranteed. “To me, Cupid? Cupid has spat at me directly because love does not come to me”, were the first words that the vizcano has pronounced, whose one of his virtues is not exactly modesty. “I want my rights to be a beautiful person. I give humanity a good image. If the aliens are looking at us from above and only see ugly they will not want to go down. Surely ET will love it”he said then.

“I define myself as a bohemian transvestite with a niata attitude. I like a niateo”, Xabier answered when Carlos Sobera asked him what it is like. The presenter has asked him to clarify the niateo but he has not found the way to do it. “It’s from young people, you’re not going to understand Carlos, it’s from Generation Z “, the young man snapped, prompting laughter from the veteran ‘First Dates’ driver, who has not given credit to what he has heard. “The mother who gave birth to me”, has come to say. Finally, the diner has explained: “To be a Niata is to be a bitch like I am. Eight come to me? Well, eight that come. All for here. Let them try what is good and then in their life they never try something like me again”.

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Her date was Julen, a 24-year-old dancer from Guipzcoa. “What a queen, she came here to give her all. I loved it”It has been the impression that he has had as soon as he meets and plays with Xabier, who has effectively continued to give a show. “I am an activist of cosmetic surgery, because if you are ugly it is because you want to. Beautiful people deserve more rights. I always say that the plastic to the sea, not the plastic to my face”, has declared the influencer from Vizcaya just before Carlos Sobera has accompanied him and his date to the table where they were going to enjoy dinner and the evening.

Xabier liked that Julen agreed with him, among other things, that handsome men should have more rights and that Paris Hilton should be president of the United States. “He has no talent, but he has charisma. And that is lacking in many presidents of the United States. So he has the important thing.”, has assured the Gipuzkoan dancer. “Paris Hilton is like Jesus Christ for fags. She has invented gays, blondes, the selfie, Kardashians … She has invented everything. If Paris Hilton wants to spit on me, let her spit on me”, has asserted the influencer from Bizkaia.

Next, Xabier has proposed to Julen to pray to Paris Hilton and he has supported the idea of ​​their date. “Paris Hilton who is on earth, give us today our money every day. Forgive ugly people as we forgive ugly people. Do not allow us to be tempted to be ugly and deliver us from evil”, has been the prayer that the Vizcano has prayed and that has enchanted the Guipuzcoan.

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Once dinner was over, both of them went to the booth, where after having a They’ve kissed like there’s no tomorrow Nevertheless, Julen felt that she was kissing a friend and when in the final decision he told Xabier that he wanted to do a lot of things With the except having a romantic date, This one has not taken it well and She has exchanged kisses for a handshake to say goodbye to him.

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