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The Christmas spirit has already arrived at Mario Kart Tour and it brings a lot of content | Levelup

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The Christmas season has already started and, as on many occasions, developer companies prepare content for their games that have a service model. Mario Kart Tour and DeNA would not be left out of the celebration, and today they launched the season inspired by the end of the year.

Mario Kart Tour It renews its seasons every 2 weeks and today the Christmas season started. As in previous occasions, you can expect a lot of content with festive elements. The great pilots featured in this season are Mario (Santa) and Bowser (Santa) and you can get them by shooting the pipes. They are outstanding mega-singular pilots, which means that in a complete pipeline (100 units) there is a copy of each.

However, you should know that there is also the possibility that other pilots will appear in Christmas outfits, such as Peach (winter), Daisy (Christmas) and Yoshi (reindeer). Similarly, you can find clues with Christmas decorations.

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Mario Kart Tour prepares to close the year with many news and awards

Added to this, as in all seasons, there will be a lot of seasonal and multiplayer challenges that will offer many rewards, such as rubies and max stars, that will help to unlock the rewards of seasons. The prizes can be more if you get the Golden Pass (subscription of $ 5 USD or $ 95 MXN per month). Additionally, you will have the opportunity to get more items through the green coins during this season.

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The Holiday Season will be available from December 1 to December 15, but the excitement will continue, as the Penguin Season will start right after, which will be available until December 29 and will mark the debut of Toadette in a penguin outfit. Mario Kart Tour It will close the year with the New Year Season, but its content and news have not been defined.

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Mario Kart Tour is available on mobile devices with iOS and Android. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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