Wednesday, December 7

The Ascent could come to PS5 and PS4: It has been rated by ages in Taiwan

Since Neon Giant announced The Ascent in May 2020 we knew it was going to be a video game exclusivo de Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y PC, but it seems that could change based on new information echoed in VGC: The Taiwanese Age Rating Agency has registered a game token in which it marks a PS5 and PS4 version which has not yet been officially announced. Could this mean that the cyberpunk role-playing game will come to PlayStation consoles in the future?

The tab of The Ascent in the agency Taiwan Entertainment Software Rating Information leave little room for conjecture: this entity points out that the Neon Giant game will have versions for PS5 and PS4, although there have been no official announcements about it yet. It also specifies that its distributor will continue to be Curve Digital in the West, but that perhaps in Asia (or at least in Taiwan) the publisher H2 Interactive could take over its production.

The developer was already aware of the interest in her game in the PS5 community

While the official information remains that The Ascent is an Xbox and PC exclusive game, the official account of the game on Twitter I already dropped at the beginning of October that They were alert to the interest their project aroused among PlayStation players. At that time they claimed “not to have anything to announce”, but encouraged to be attentive to their social networks for future updates. With the appearance of the game in the Taiwanese age rating agency, perhaps the announcement of these new versions could be closer than we expected.

“Neon Giant AB debuts with a ttulo exquisite on an artistic level that will impress us by the beauty of its setting while at the playable level it is funny, although it has some design flaws that do not allow it to rise to the Olympus of the best of its kind. It is a first stone on a path that we hope will be upward for this study that is starting off on the right foot, but with some things to improve, offering us, despite its failures, with a very enjoyable game both alone and with its cooperative mode for all lovers of the genre “, we said in our analysis.

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