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Square Enix Warns There Could Be Issues With FFXIV: Endwalker On Debut | Levelup

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The fans have been waiting the last months of the year with great anxiety, because that is when the premiere of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the new expansion of Square Enix’s hit MMO. We are a few days away from the debut of Endwalker And, given the great expectation for the new content that it will include, Square Enix has already warned users that there could be complications when playing it at its premiere.

It is normal that in the premiere of a new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV many more logins are logged than usual, but Square Enix anticipates that with Endwalker the amount is even greater.

In fact, the company reports that it expects a number of players not seen since the original launch of Final Fantasy XIVIn 2010, that is, the game could have its best season in more than 1 decade.

That’s not all, as Square Enix confirmed that since last summer they have noticed a greater number of active players and the growth of the user base in all regions.

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You could have problems playing Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker on his debut

The game team reported that it has taken steps to prepare for the grand premiere of Endwalker and that you have optimized the servers to increase the login limits. However, he expresses that due to the semiconductor shortage that has been affecting the industry in recent months, he was unable to add more Worlds before the expansion’s premiere.

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As a consequence, the company cannot assure you that there will be no problems in the premiere of Endwalker, so he warned fans that the Worlds could be at full capacity, which means that there is a great chance that the servers are congested and the logins take a long time.

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The good news is that Square Enix took other measures, such as replacing the matchmaking servers with high-performance machines, optimizing processes, increasing speed and number of logins. Likewise, it was reported that users who have the full game will be given priority in waiting times before players with a free trial version.

“Once again we apologize for any inconvenience that may arise related to congestion, and we thank you for your understanding and support,” Square Enix concluded. You can check all the details that the company shared about it in this page.

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The next expansion of Final Fantasy XIV It will debut on December 3 in the Early Access phase and will be available from December 7 to all other users. You can find more news related to this franchise if you visit this page.

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