Wednesday, August 17

Rhesus & Memnon, on the way to A Total War Saga: TROY • Console and Dashboard

A Total War Saga: TROY prepares to receive new content. Under the title Rhesus & Memnon, we found a package of factions, which requires the basic game to be enjoyed. It will be available on December 14, on PC, at a price of 9.99 euros.


Creative Assembly and Sega propose us to reinforce the defense of Troy with two legendary heroes. This Faction Pack features two of the most popular figures in the Iliad, taking them to bloody battlefields.

On the one hand, we will find Made, the Thracian king. On the other, to Memmón, king of Ethiopia. Both will be accompanied by “unique campaign mechanics”, as pointed out by those responsible. Also, hero skills, devastating units and two new army lists, with 49 different possible troops.

As shown in his introduction video, Reso is a ruthless commander, whose units usually fight without shields, but with good steeds and excellent morale. For his part, Memmón is a distant cousin of Paris and Héctor. Lead multicultural armies, with swift warriors in light armor.

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