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Resident Evil Actor Leon Deactivates His Social Networks After Being Harassed By Haters | Levelup

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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, the new film based on the Capcom franchise, has already debuted and has received mixed reviews. Unfortunately, the criticism includes individuals who only want to throw hate and harassment at those associated with the film, instead of concentrating on talking about the play. The above ended up causing one of the actors to decide to close their social networks.

Since the premiere of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, the criticism against the film has not stopped. Some of them are focused on Avan Jogia, actor who played Leon S. Kennedy, since they consider that the actor presented a clumsy version of the character of Resident Evil 2.

While everyone has the right to say what they want about the performance of Avan Jogia, what is to go overboard is to harass and insult the actor. Sadly, there were several individuals who were dedicated to attacking the actor with racist and elevated comments.

After being the target of harassment for several days, Jogia made the decision to deactivate her Instagram. While the account is still viewable, it no longer has any photos, not even a profile picture.

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This is how Jogia’s profile will look like

Without a doubt, it is a terrible situation that shows us once again the problems that social networks can bring. Targeting must be eradicated and people must understand that it is not a correct way to express their disgust against what is just a product.

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What do you think about this situation? If you already saw Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon CityTell us: what did you think of this tape?

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