Wednesday, August 17

Qualcomm and Razer’s laptop could start a new wave of Switch-like consoles

The Nintendo Switch hybrid concept has had a deep impact on the video game industry. A very clear example is found with Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable system that starts from the same idea of ​​being able to play on the console itself and on a monitor or television, or the recently announced Qualcomm portable console in collaboration with Razer. In the case of the latter, everything indicates that it was a game-oriented console in streaming, although it still bears more than obvious similarities with the design of the Nintendo console and will have output for televisions, in addition to being able to play Android titles.

Razer starts shipping kits to developers

According to stand out from The Verge, this new portable console could usher in a new wave of systems that will offer features similar to those of the Nintendo Hybrid. In addition, the medium has exclusively shared new statements by Razer about the project itself. Broadly speaking, we know that since yesterday interested developers can register on the Razer website to obtain a kit, although the company has clarified that it is not his device. “This is not an advertisement for hardware of Razer. The Snapdragon G3x Developer Kit is a Qualcomm device“Justin Cooney, Razer’s director of global partnerships, told The Verge.

“We work together with Qualcomm. Our goal is to bring more studios and developers to the workbench and achieve the future of handheld games with our joint vision.“Cooney detailed.” We are really focused on the developer community right now. Devices are dependent on OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in terms of when they can ship, “added Micah Knapp, a Qualcomm representative.

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