Tuesday, September 27

New details on Dune, Funcom’s online survival video game

We have known for several years of the existence of Dune, a survival video game being developed by Funcom, Responsable of Conan Exiles. At the moment we have not been able to see hardly anything of this project, but a recent official press release reveals that not only is it still underway, but it has also expanded its magnitude after Tencent has finally managed to invest in the studio responsible for its development.

Today it has also been revealed that Funcom will not develop this video game alone: ​​to work on the ambitious adaptation of Frank Herbert’s work, the studio has reached an agreement with Nuclear, company that has worked on titles such as Destroy All Humans O Everspace as a support team. In this project it seems that he will have a more leading role, since “co-develop” the video game together with Funcom, according to statement published on its official website. Taking advantage of the announcement of this agreement, a new illustration of the project has been shown, you can see it below:

An ever-evolving ambitious game-as-a-service

Nukklear not only contribute his experience to the development of Dune, but also take advantage of 1.6 million euros granted by the German government to support the development and production of the video game. Kirk Lenke, CEO of Nukklear, wanted to celebrate this news by emphasizing the ambition of the project: “We are grateful to Funcom for bringing us to help bring Dune to a new medium. We have supported and collaborated on many projects over the years, but facing Dune It is by far the largest so far. Our team welcomes the challenge and relies on the expertise that Nukklear brings. “

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“It is the most ambitious project that we have undertaken at Funcom”

For his part Rui Casais, CEO of Funcom that He already warned of the magnitude of the project a couple of years ago, he wanted to remember how great they intend to make this game as a service of which they already clarified that not to be free-to-play, otherwise premium: “As the open world survival game of Dune It is the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken at Funcom, having trained and reliable partners is an absolute necessity. With Nukklear we have it. We have particularly benefited from their experience in playability vehicles, but I know them as highly skilled and generally creative game developers. “

Dune at the moment does not have neither platform nor launch date.


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