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Microsoft launches fantastic Christmas sweater inspired by one of its classic games | Levelup

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The end of the year holiday season is here. It is common for companies to become infected with the Christmas atmosphere, such as Microsoft, which did not miss the opportunity to pamper its fans with themed products, among which a very special sweater stands out.

A few weeks before the posadas and Christmas, Microsoft announced an ugly sweater with the theme of Minesweeper O Minesweeper, a title that could not be missing in any computer of the 90s.

Microsoft knows the importance of this title for Windows and partnered with AbleGamers to launch a sweater with a Christmas design that features a large pine adorned with elements of Minesweeper. On the back you can even see the game’s Windows sales icons and the operating system logo. On the elbows, the sweater has images of mines.

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Image: Microsoft

How much does the sweater cost Minesweeper from Microsoft?

The sweater is priced at $ 75 USD or $ 1635.95 MXN. As part of this collaboration, Microsoft will donate $ 100,000 USD to AbleGamers to continue helping people and communities with a problem that prevents them from playing and performing in their daily lives.

The good news is that microsoft store It ships to various parts of the world, but the bad thing is that the sweater is already sold out in all its sizes, so those who want it will have to wait to see if there will be more units available.

Do not be discouraged, that the collaboration went further and Microsoft prepared great wallpapers and more material with the theme of Minesweeper and Christmas. You can download them for free at this page.

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Image: Microsoft
Image: Microsoft

What do you think of the sweater design? Tell us in the comments.

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