Friday, November 25

Mariano Rajoy: “I’m not going to start my speeches saying ‘all’, ‘all’ and ‘todes'”




Avance. ‘The Hormiguero’ has dismissed the week with the visit of Mariano Rajoy. The former president of the Government of Spain has been with Pablo Motos in the entertainment program of Antenna 3 to present his latest book, which is titled ‘Adult policy’ and it was put on sale yesterday, Wednesday, December 1, and to review the political news of our country.

After welcoming him, Pablo Motos asked Mariano Rajoy if he doesn’t miss politics. “With absolute frankness? I do not miss him at all. Nothing, zero,” replied the former politician, who has also been questioned by the host of ‘El Hormiguero’ if he would be president of the Government again. “Well, I am already in another stage of my life, but for me it has been an honor to be president of my country and to serve Spain,” said the Galician.

During the presentation of his book, the former Prime Minister gave his opinion on inclusive language. “Out of respect for everyone. I am not going to start my speeches saying ‘all’, ‘all’ and ‘todes’. I have not done it in my life, I will not do it now”, has underlined. For Mariano Rajoy it does not make any sense, although always with respect. “It is not good that they want to impose these things on us at this point in life”, has stated.

Next week they will be at ‘El Hormiguero’ …

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