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Legend Of Zelda BOTW 2 cheats should be avoided

Breath of the Wild 2 is sure to be full of new experiences, but the Legend of Zelda series has some tricks that should stay in the past.

It is almost a tradition for games in the The legend of Zelda series to have at least one general gimmick that makes it immediately recognizable. For example, one simply could not imagine Oracle of the seasons without the ability to change seasons on the fly, or El Wind Waker without its titular wind control element. And with Breath of the Wild 2 set to be released next year, it seems fair to wonder what cheats might appear once the game launches.

It could be argued that the original Breath of the wild He used multiple tricks, like cooking and Sheikah Slate, and they both worked great. However, not all tricks in the series are created equal. Some feel useless or annoying, and at worst, one might even consider them one of the game’s biggest weaknesses. While the excitement and excitement for the new game is good, it’s also worth looking back at old attempts at innovation that didn’t work out the way Nintendo might have wanted them to. Many of them are likely to sound good on paper, but not all ideas are successfully translated into reality and BOTW 2 you should avoid them.

the Zelda The games are still by far some of Nintendo’s best offerings, but even they have their flaws. The biggest sins a stunt can commit are being obstructive, out of place, and just not enjoying them, and each of the stunts listed here is guilty of at least one of these issues. Hopefully, rather than inspiration, they will serve as a warning to developers, making sure they know how to test something inside and out before adding it to Breath of the Wild 2.

Majora’s Mask 72-hour timer – shouldn’t respawn in BOTW 2

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask It is one of two Nintendo 64 entries in the franchise that has continued to receive high praise throughout the years. However though majora’s mask and its quirks are beloved, it has a major downside in the form of its constant timer. In the game, Link has 72 hours to prevent the moon from crashing into Termina and destroying everything. This is actually a time limit imposed during the game, although luckily the game will not end once it has elapsed. Rather, Link will be sent back at 6:00 am on the first day to try to save the world once more.

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Although this may seem useful, it is much more annoying than it sounds. Going back in time will cause Link to lose many of the items and rupees he is carrying, forcing him to collect them again. In addition, the progress of all active missions, whether secondary or part of the main story, will be erased, forcing you to start from scratch after being sent back. For these reasons, go back in time in majora’s mask it can be painful. To make matters worse, the 72 hour time limit equates to approximately 54 minutes in real time, so Link will be sent back and lose progress after less than an hour of play without fail.

The time limit on majora’s mask shows that imposing time limits that restrict a full set is not a good design and can only lead to frustration. While the game is still a classic, its main gimmick is the biggest issue most players see with it. If Nintendo wishes to impose a time limit on Link once again in BOTW 2hopefully it will leave it as part of the background, rather than use it to force players to rush through their missions.

Wind Waker navigation is a trick that BOTW 2 should not be repeated

La leyenda de Zelda: The Wind Waker It started out as a deeply controversial game due to its bright and cartoonish graphics, but eventually became respected as a brilliant Zelda game due to its excellent story and gameplay. However, there is one aspect that has not yet received so much praise, and that is the sail mechanic. And just like the time limit on majora’s mask, is a problem that is present during almost the entire game.

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To travel from island to island, Link must sail across the sea. This may not sound too bad, because most of the islands are unique in some way and provide ample opportunities to explore more of the world. However, the vast expanses of water between Wind Waker’s the islands had almost nothing interesting to offer. Every now and then Link would come across a sea monster to fight, and there is an instance of a mini-boss fight to gain a useful teleportation spell, but that’s about it. Navigation did little more than improve the game’s runtime with smooth and uninteresting travel between areas. Although the first time players go to sea is exciting as the world opens up, it ages much faster than expected.

With Eiji Aonuma saying that BOTW 2 will feature the skies of Hyrule as well as the earth, one has to wonder how such an idea will be implemented. While a likely explanation is that Link’s paraglider will start to see even more use than before, it is quite possible that he is heralding a new means of transportation, such as an airship. Whatever the plan for Link to traverse the skies, hopefully they will be more lively than the seas of Wind Waker.

Breath Of The Wild weapon durability has no place in BOTW 2

As mentioned previously, La leyenda de Zelda: Breath of the Wild He had some great tricks, but there’s one he doesn’t need to go back to. In the first Breath of the wild, Link can use a wide variety of weapons, not just swords. This is a great combat expansion for the series and provides players with many opportunities to try out new fighting styles. Nevertheless, BOTW’s Weapons have a major downside: With the exception of the mainstay from the Master Sword series, all weapons in the game break after a certain amount of use. Weapon durability in BOTW 2 It absolutely must be repaired or simply removed.

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The wide range of weapons was designed for players to experiment with, but the breakable weapons end up encouraging the opposite. Players can collect strong or unique weapons, but they will rarely use them for fear of breaking them, so instead they continue to use weaker weapons drawn from enemies. To make matters worse, Link has a limited inventory of weapons and shields, so players are most likely to run out of space because his arsenal is full of junk weapons or a variety of BOTW’s more interesting weapons that they have not used out of fear.

Having a wide variety of weapons for Link to use is an excellent idea that should be brought back, but weapons that break so easily are a mechanic best left in the past. Instead, the player having the option to sell or discard weapons when they are no longer needed should be the method used to control the size of their inventory. That way, the player will have more control over their inventory, as well as a better chance to find out which style of weapon they like best. Then they can happily make Link fight however they want without worrying about breaking his weapon in the middle of a fight.

Breath of the Wild 2 It has all the potential to be an amazing game, and Nintendo surely has some fresh ideas in store for it. Hopefully, whatever Nintendo has in store will add to the experience in a way that hasn’t been seen before in the franchise, and in a better way than any of those mentioned above. The legend of Zelda tricks.


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