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Karak, 2 tomatoes games brings us this introductory dungeon crawler

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2 Tomatoes Games publishes Karak in Spanish. A game by Roman Hladík and Petr Mikša originally published in 2017 by the Czech publisher Albi

Karak, also known as the catacombs of Karak, is a board game designed for 2 to 5 players, with a recommended age of 7 years and with games lasting approximately 45 minutes.

In Karak, each player will lead one of six different characters into Karak’s labyrinth. Piece by piece they will discover the aspect of the maze, which will change in each game. They will have to fight monsters, equip themselves with weapons and spells and, most importantly, collect treasures. The player with the most treasure at the end of the game will be the winner. The True Champion of Karak!

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This is a dungeon crawler for all the family, an excellent introductory game to this genre. The game takes place over an indeterminate number of turns, the objective is to destroy the dragon that has taken over the labyrinth and get as many treasures as possible.

Karak, explore the castle, get the most treasures and take advantage of another to defeat the dragon

During their turn each player has four steps to perform actions, they can move, discovering new sections of the labyrinth in their path, fight against monsters and creatures, with a system of dice and tokens, find keys and open treasure chests.

The game ends when a hero defeats the dragon, however, the winner of the game will be the player who has collected the most treasures exploring the Karak labyrinth.

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Thanks to its modular board, the different characters and the fact of randomly extracting monsters and treasures, the game is widely re-playable. Interesting enough to hook the little ones and with just enough difficulty not to bore the most veteran.

Karak Cover

Karak has been co-designed by Roman Hladík and Petr Mikša that, in addition to the original game, they have published two expansions of it.

Those in charge of locating the game in Spanish are 2 Tomatoes Games, the company has published in our country titles such as Root, Ghost Adventure, Vast or Magic Maze.

Karak It will hit the market on December 3, at a retail price of 34.95 euros.

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