Tuesday, August 16

Ibai Llanos announces the changes and the departures of “La Casa”




PIt seems that it was yesterday when Ibai Llanos got together with Barbe, Ander and Reven to live the first joint experience in a house, it was possible thanks to Carlos “Ocelote” Rodrguez, I brought them together as content creators for the G2 team.

This first experience only lasted one year, until Ibai decided to introduce his Ibai Land, a cast of content creators in addition to those previously named. This time they would be Cristinini, IlloJuan, Knekro and Werlyb the new members of the “crew” of the Bilbao caster. Yes, this time it was only Werlyb who moved into the house that It belonged at the time to the former FC Barcelona player, Samuel Eto’o.

The announcement of Ibai Llanos that caught everyone by surprise

Well, it was today, after a year of living together, that Ibai Llanos, accompanied by the other tenants of the house, when he has announced that they will no longer live together and that the house will be the new “Gaming House” of the esports team that he has with Piqu and that will be presented next year.

One of the most surprised was Yuste de Esportmanacos, who preferred to spend this moment “alone”.

Separated, but will continue to work together

Ibai Llanos explained during the live that they would continue working together and that one of the main reasons has been privacy, “that it can be difficult to live in a house with so many people“emphasized Werlyb.

Ibai Llanos wanted to announce and encourage the public that flocked to his Twitch channel to say that “next year we are going to earn more money, we’re going to break more records and we’re going to do great things even if we don’t live together. “.


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