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Horizon Forbidden West: Top 5 New Features of the Sequel

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The wait to see what he has in store for Aloy and to explore other areas of a planet Earth dominated by nature and machines it is running out. There are barely three months left for us to enjoy Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4. The sequel to one of the most praised PlayStation Studios titles of the past generation, Horizon Zero Dawn, introduce juicy novelties playable to the open world adventure of Guerrilla Games, in addition to improving the elements already present in the PS4 title.

1. A new world

One of the best moments when playing a new installment of an open world is, precisely, immerse yourself in a new environment unexplored. Forbidden West promises a world as attractive as the original, where the nature has made its way through ancient cities and where the human being is no longer the predominant species: they have been replaced by robots. The Forbidden West of the title will take us to a San Francisco to be almost unrecognizable, but we will also explore the Yosemite national park and many other places.

While Aloy travels these places to find camps, both from enemies and allies who will offer rewards in exchange for helping them. As in the first title, throughout the world there will be remnants of the ancient world, laboratories, offices and other futuristic environments that have been closed tight for hundreds of years and that the protagonist will be able to discover and explore. The sequel promises a wider and more vertical world, but also, it will expand under the waters: Aloy will be able to dive and surely much awaits us to discover on the beaches and lakes.

Also, this time it will be a world much more alive. There will be large settlements full of characters living your life: from kids trying to annoy the guards to blacksmiths who are moving around their work environment to get the materials they need. Each tribe will have different behaviorsBoth individually and when interacting in a group: greetings and community activities will differ from one faction to another.

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2. New machines and tribes

How could it be otherwise, in Forbidden West se sumarn new types of robots to those already known and will have to face indigenous tribes that swarm through the new region to be explored. The confrontations will be different in any case, since, while in Zero Dawn Let’s fight humans or robots, here there will be factions capable of using machines in the same way Aloy uses them, so we will have to face riders, prioritize goals, etc.

There will be many more machines that will adapt to the ecosystems that we will visit, among them very interesting ideas such as the Alasol, a huge winged creature that during sunny days flies through the skies to recharge its battery and rests alert at other times. There will be various ways to kill each machine and some of them will help us indirectly, for example following those whose function is to collect a certain resource that we also need. In addition, hunt robots to get parts of the same ones with which to create and improve weapons and outfits.

Horizon Forbidden West combate

The combat against the tribes will have more weight than in the previous game and therefore, in addition to introducing more diverse human enemies, has been improved and deepened in combat body to body, adding skills that reward using a walking stick with futuristic powers, which is added to weapons from the previous game, such as the bow, the traps and the sling return, and new ones, such as the lanzapinchos.

3. A more agile movement

Aloy will be more agile than ever and will have more tools at her disposal to navigate a few scenarios that will be quite vertical. Of course, you can continue hacking robots to ride on them and take advantage of those who roam the world, such as the Garriraptor and the Longneck, and the jump to move through the heights and climbing using handholds will continue to be present.

Horizon Forbidden West

However, there are several new elements that together promise a different exploration experience. The alashield It can be used as a parachute to bridge long distances from the air, but can also be used to storm camps by surprise or fall onto a mount. The hook will allow Aloy to move quickly towards a column or dodge an onslaught of a machine. And besides, now the climbing be freer: Not only will you be able to climb on the surfaces with handholds, but there will be many easily identifiable rocky surfaces to climb on.

4. Another visual spectacle, especially in the new generation

Horizon Zero Dawn continues to be one of the coolest games on PS4, but Horizon Forbidden West promises to carry the photorealism ms all in that version, but especially in the edition for PlayStation 5. The videos published so far present areas of lush vegetation that behaves in a realistic way, robots with a level of detail in each of its parts that amaze, a spectacular draw distance, special effects that will be very enjoyable on an HDR television, and minute characters in their clothes, in their facial features and in their animations that advance a generational leap.

Horizon Forbidden West

In addition, PS5 players will have several details at their fingertips that will enhance the immersion of the adventure. On the one hand, the audio 3D help quickly identify the status of nearby robots (They will sound different if they’re patrolling, looking for Aloy, or gathering resources.) On the other hand, the optical response of the DualSense controller will give a different touch feeling depending on the terrain through which the protagonist moves and respond differently if we are hidden in the grass. The adaptive triggers, on the other hand, will have more or less depth depending on the weapon used or the bowstring tension and will allow us to detect if we have run out of ammunition.

5. The future of Aloy and the world

After the events of the expansion The Frozen Wilds (which we are not going to reveal here) one of the great reasons for waiting Forbidden West is to see How does the story of both Aloy and the planet continue? Post-apocalyptic Earth. The protagonist still unknown details of his pastWho he is, and he has a huge responsibility on his shoulders, so discovering how he deals with it all will be an extremely important part of the plot. In addition, the future of the world is in danger: extra tormentas that occur more and more frequently spread a plague that extinguishes all life vegetable and animal, so it will be necessary to discover what is producing them and try to solve it in a story that, as in the first game, promises to be closely linked to our world when dealing with topics such as ecologist.

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Horizon Forbidden West will go on sale for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18, 2022. It is available in both digital format (standard edition for PS4 and PS5, and Special edition with extras with the game for both consoles) and in physical format (standard and Special for each system, and the Collector and Regalla editions with the game for PS4 and PS5, the latter exclusive to the GAME chain of stores); you can check them all here.

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