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Halo Infinite: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Players Will Receive Exclusive Rewards

Players have already got down to business with Halo Infinite, thanks to the fact that the beta of its free multiplayer is now available. As we wait until December 8 for the launch of their campaign, good news arrives for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: these users will receive exclusive rewards and experience upgrades for being members of this service. We remind you that Game Pass Ultimate offers Xbox Live Gold, game in the cloud and is available for PC, console and Android for 12.99 per month.

Game Pass Ultimate includes rewards for Halo Infinite

The rewards of Halo Infinite offered by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are reflected in Double XP boosts, challenge changes and Pass Tense MA40 AR liner. Each month players will receive this rewards package, starting next December 8th. After this, players who are part of this subscription service will continue to receive these prizes. Already last October it was said that This membership will provide these types of bonuses to players.

Microsoft noted that “Game Pass Ultimate members also will receive monthly bonuses for multiplayer as part of the Rewards program. “At that time it was not specified what these awards would consist of, but with the launch of the title just around the corner the Redmond company wanted to reveal the content. Users will have to go to the menu of Xbox rewards to receive the gifts.

The controversy with the Battle Pass

As they point out from VG24/7, the experience enhancements that Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive help them progress faster in the Battle Pass multiplayer Halo Infinite. Recall that this pass has been a hot topic since this online mode was launched, with players complaining that progress is very slow: users must complete challenges to advance in this pass, instead of being rewarded simply for playing as it happens in other games.

From 343 Industries they have already promised that they will grant more experience to users at the end of the games: for example, just by playing the first game of the day you will get 300 experience points. “We believe this increase will help resolve those slower initial rewards, while also benefit those who play every day“said John Junyszek, community manager at 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite launches this December 8 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. To know all its details, we invite you to read our previews and impressions.

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