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Halo Infinite sells red helmet for a ridiculous price

Like most free games, Halo Infinite offers a lot of cosmetics, but not all players are happy with the prices charged.

Microtransactions are nothing new in gaming and have become an expected part of free games, and Infinite HaloMultiplayer mode is no exception. It often involves cosmetic items, such as skins, to change the appearance of a player’s character. Infinite Halo features a Battle Pass, just like other competitive multiplayer games, as well as a rotating store offering other cosmetics that cannot be found in the Battle Pass.

While cosmetics are optional and do not affect the outcome of a game, many players are beginning to bother with some of the monetization practices that have already been seen in Infinite Halo, plus XP progression issues that make leveling up in the Battle Pass a really tedious task.

Recently in the store, a player on Reddit noticed that 343 Industries was charging 700 credits for a helmet and a red color, this equates to $ 7. With the helmet being added to the store, it also means that the set has two others Cores to go with it, a body and limbs option, which would total $ 21 to buy all three and the specific red color. By contrast, the full Battle Pass costs roughly $ 10 and includes more than 100 cosmetics.

This has puzzled and angered some Infinite Halo players, and some on the Reddit thread criticize this practice by 343 Industries, also pointing out that the closest amount of credits that can be purchased is 500 or 1,000. This means that players will need to buy more than they need, which is a common monetization technique in games, as it means that players have leftover credits that encourage them to buy more to purchase another item in the store.

It’s interesting to see how microtransaction and monetization practices have progressed over the last decade or so, with one of the earliest examples of microtransactions being horse armor in The Elder Scrolls 4: Olvido that generated a lot of criticism from the players. It has now become an expected part of online gaming and many gamers have accepted whatever practice a business establishes.

From the Infinite Halo The multiplayer beta was unexpectedly launched on November 15 and has become one of the most popular online games, and has become the most popular free game on Xbox surpassing Call of Duty: war zone and Fortnite.

343 Industries has announced that it will be adjusting the progression of the Battle Pass to make it easier for players, but there seems to be no indication that the company is looking to adjust the price of its store items.

Infinite Halo multiplayer mode is now available on PC via Steam and Windows Store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. the Infinite Halo The campaign will launch on the same platforms on December 8, and will also be available on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC.

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