Tuesday, November 29

Generation Zero is the latest surprise arrival on Xbox Game Pass

Generation zero – Avalanche Studios’ four-player open-world cooperative shooter set in 1980s Sweden – just arrived Xbox Game Pass. Discovered by our own Tom Orry on the Xbox app before an official email landed in our inbox to announce it, the game appears to be downloadable as of today (November 30) on the subscription service.

A dedicated Xbox Game Pass trailer has also been posted on the Systemic Reaction YouTube page (see below), showcasing the distinctive atmosphere and vibe this atmospheric shooter has.

Set in the Swedish countryside, the game has a very different tone than Avalanche’s chaos-filled Just Cause series. Generation Zero can be played solo or co-op with up to four players, and requires you to use guerilla tactics to defeat the various enemies you’ll encounter in the winter world.

You’ll ambush, sneak past, and occasionally shoot an invading race of machines in an open world, with dynamic weather and a day / night cycle. It looks a bit like a painting by Simon Stalenhag They come to life, which I love

The timing of the game’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass makes sense – Geneneration Zero’s Endurance update is finally coming to Xbox consoles soon.

The update features a host of content to help you fight off invading machines, including a home base defense mode and also renovations of key locations on the maps.

The game didn’t make much of an impression when it launched in 2019, but maybe a new breath of life in Game Pass and a big new update can reverse the game’s fortunes a bit.

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