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Evangelion Official Store Hacked and Credit Card Data Stolen | LevelUp

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Neon Genesis Evangelion is an extremely popular franchise that gradually became a pop culture icon. Of course, fans express their passion for this Hideaki Anno work by purchasing official merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, figurines, and more. Unfortunately, one of the online stores that provides these articles was compromised and the information of thousands of credit cards was stolen.

Specifically, the Japanese online store EVENGELION STORE announced this week that its website suffered a data breach over the summer due to a vulnerability within the security system operated by Groudworks. What happened is that the store’s payment application was manipulated by a third party.

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In the statement, the online portal confirmed that the credit card information of 17,828 customers was illegally accessed.

According to investigations, the compromised credit cards belong to customers who bought a product in the online store between June 8, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The personal information that was compromised includes the name of the holder, number of the card, expiration date, security code, login ID and password.

Evangelion’s online store knew about the problem since the summer

The reports indicate that Groudworks learned of the situation on July 12, the date on which it immediately eliminated the card payment option from the store. At the same time, it started an investigation together with an external company, which ended on September 29.

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EVANGELION STORE issued an apology for what happened and for releasing the facts thus far. According to the company, the publication of uncertain or incomplete information could cause confusion for customers, which is why it waited for the results of the investigations before making the news public.

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Finally, the store will notify customers by email that they saw their leaked personal information.

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