Tuesday, August 16

EA wants a ‘connected Battlefield universe’ and is restructuring the company for it

The winds of change are blowing at Electronic Arts. The company is restructuring a good part of its internal organization in a radical and profound way with the aim of achieving a “universe Battlefield connected. “For this they are creating new development studios, commissioning new projects framed in Battlefield 2042 and making changes in the management of teams like DICE, which has just seen Oskar Gabrielson, who until now was its CEO, and chief designer Fawzi Mesmar say goodbye.

Not everything is fired; Marcus Lehto, creative director of the series Halo, recently came to Electronic Arts and we now know that his role in the company will be to oversee the growth of Battlefield 2042 from his studio in Seattle, who is in charge of expanding this latest installment with new experiences. In this expansion strategy, both DICE itself and Ripple Effect, a team that we previously knew as DICE LA and that has been in charge of developing the Portal mode of Battlefield 2042.

New narrative experiences in a shared universe

At the forefront of this new course for the saga Battlefield to be Vince Zampella, founder of Respawn Entertainment, who has been promoted to supervisor of the future of the franchise. In conversations with Gamespot, Zampella himself has explained that they are exploring “all the possibilities” that may lead to Battlefield reach their full potential, including new forms of business, and has explicitly spoken of a “universe of connected worlds of characters and shared narratives”. Even so, it has not yet been clearly explained with what kind of experiences they want to nurture Battlefield 2042, but it does seem that they seek to develop a more narrative facet within the delivery that this year has come out exclusively with multiplayer modes.

It still remains to check the result of the changes announced today, so for now we have to continue playing Battlefield 2042, from which you can read our analysis here and our guide here.


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