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Downton Abbey: a quote from every main character downstairs that goes against their personality

These quotes from Downton Abbey’s downstairs residents are so out of place that they surprised even the most loyal fans. What surprised you?

Sr. Charles Carson

“What good would living be if we didn’t let life change us?”

As chief steward of Downton Abbey, Mr. Carson takes his job very seriously. His no-nonsense, rule-abiding approach has served him well in his role, but this curmudgeonly demeanor keeps most people more than an arm’s length away. When Mrs. Hughes’s old love, Joe Burns, proposes to her, she confides in Carson that she doesn’t want to marry him because she wants different things in life now. Carson offers this answer. It’s her stiffness that makes this quote so amazing. It’s hard to imagine the uncompromising Mr. Carson letting anything, even life’s most dramatic events, alter him in any way.

Mrs. Elsie Carson (née Hughes)

“We must all break our hearts once or twice before we finish.”

An all-time favorite, Ms. Carson possesses many positive qualities. She is unbiased, kind-hearted, and very practical. But he is also a very reserved person, keeping his winning hand very close to his chest. She shares very little of her past and personal life with those around her, even those closest to and loved by her.

When Mr. Carson tells Ms. Hughes about his girlfriend from his show business days, he confesses that she didn’t treat him very well. Ms. Hughes responds with this quote. She must have had a life before hitting Downton, but viewers know very little about it. This is why her revelation that she has endured her share of heartbreak is so shocking.

Sra. Beryl Patmore

“We should always be courteous to people who are nice, there isn’t much out there!”

The abbey’s curmudgeonly cook, Mrs. Patmore is a great source of funny jokes and insults. With lines like “My God, did you buy a dictionary?” And “I said you could go have a drink of water, not a trip down the Nile,” she regularly displays her sword wits and approach to life without prisoners. .

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When Daisy does not thank Mr. Molesley for the offer to lend her a book, Mrs. Patmore quickly reprimands her, uttering this quote. What’s special about this quote is that it stands in stark contrast to his standard remarks, and offers a rare glimpse of the softer side of Mrs. Patmore and her appreciation for the little acts of kindness that come her way.

Sr. John Bates

«It’s funny, our work. The way we live with this whole horde of pirates at our fingertips, but none of our own. “

Simply put, Mr. Bates is a good man. He endures a lot of teasing for his cane, treats his co-workers and employers with respect and a sense of justice, and even sacrifices himself for his beloved Anna. He is a man of firm principles who does not seem to be motivated at all by material things. When Thomas shows Bates how to carry out his duties in his new valet position, he makes this comment while examining Mr. Crawley’s collection of snuff boxes. It is Bates’ impeccable character that makes this quote so surprising. It’s hard for viewers to believe that Mr. Bates ever considered the value of Crawley’s possessions at all, much less referring to them as “pirates” amassing a “horde.”

Mrs. Anna Bates (née Smith)

“I will kill myself.”

After Anna is sexually assaulted, she is asked what she will do if she is pregnant. Her response that she would kill herself highlights her fragile state of mind, as this is not something Anna would normally contemplate. Anna has always been one of those who rise up and persevere in the face of adversity. After all, he handled John’s fake incarceration with a stoicism that was truly inspiring. That is what makes this quote so poignant and out of place, illustrating the impact this devastating event has had on her psyche.

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Sr. Thomas Barrow

“There are times when I would like to belong.”

While Thomas became a better human being by the end of the series, for most of the time, he was a rat and a scoundrel, inflicting pain on everyone around him. When he was not plotting against his nemesis, John Bates, he could be seen fighting with his subordinates and hurling insults at anyone within hearing distance. After Jimmy’s departure from Downton, Anna shows concern for Thomas, prompting him to make this confession. It has always seemed that Thomas’ sole goal was to turn everyone he encountered into enemies, which made his confession that he wanted to belong quite astonishing.

Mrs. Daisy Mason (née Robinson)

“I’m never excited.”

The kitchen maid, Daisy, has not had an easy life. And her rather excitable nature has led to her having more culinary mishaps than her fair share, and Mrs. Patmore licking her tongue. When presented with the opportunity to go to London with Mrs. Hughes to pick up Cora’s brother and mother, Ethan asks if she is excited. She responds, “I’m never excited,” which fans know isn’t true. He falls in love and falls out of love faster than Mary can blink. And she spends much of her day nervous, up to her elbows in flour, worrying about her latest lover. This is why her statement about her lack of excitability is so surprising.

Sr. Joseph Molesley

Sometimes it is better to take risks than to take the wrong path.

Poor Mr. Molesley has spent much of his life doing what others expect of him. Just let life happen. To his dismay, he is hired to “see how a man dresses.” After said man dies, he is demoted to lackey. And, along the way, nurture the dream of becoming a teacher. When she suspects that Baxter has a dark secret in her past, she offers this quote as advice. Joseph Moseley, however, is not a natural risk taker and prefers to stay on the road. plus traveled. This is why your recommendation to take risks is so misplaced.

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Miss Sarah O’Brien

“Very funny. If she has a boyfriend, I’m a giraffe. “

Miss O’Brien is a cunning schemer who easily slips into the role of Thomas Barrow’s evil sidekick. His tongue is toxic. She deeply resents her slavish lot in life and makes snide comments about her employers’ expectations at every opportunity. She makes this “giraffe” comment about Ms. Hughes’s absences while meeting her lover, Joe Burns.

Sarah O’Brien is not one to utter kind words or make a personable joke. That’s why this lighthearted comment comparing herself to an animal of odd proportions goes against her sarcastic nature.

Sr. Tom Branson

“I don’t believe in types, I believe in people.”

Although Branson later married “upstairs,” he began life as a chauffeur for the Crawley family, earning him a place among his fellow downstairs. When viewers first meet Tom, he is a rebellious Irish socialist with very strong opinions. In their eyes, the British aristocracy is the enemy. That’s why his season 6 proclamation to Sarah Bunting after a political gathering that he doesn’t see people as “dudes” is so shocking. It probably reflects the fact that he has come to love the aristocratic family that has embraced him as one of their own, but it still reflects a great change from this character’s early beliefs.


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